Liz has explored painting and making all her life. She works as a full time visual artist from her studio in Sutton, Dublin. While painting is her main passion, she also creates sculptures.

She studied at NCAD and received a Bachelor of Design (BDes) Hons  in Jewellery & Metalwork and a Diploma in Art & Design.

She exhibits in the annual ‘Artsource’ painting exhibition and the annual ‘House’ interior design event, both in the RDS.

In recent years her art has received ‘possible’ category in RHA exhibitions while her sculptures have been short-listed by the Craft Council of Ireland and the RDS. Water feature sculptures were also selected for exhibition in ‘Sculpture in Context’ in the Botanical Gardens in Dublin.

While working over the last year towards a personal exhibition Liz’s paintings have evolved into an overflow from working with sculptures.

These assemblages became an outlet for that insistent internal voice slowly unfolding, evolving and shifting but always connected to a very personal space. These are outwardly of no value but for her are an opening to investigate and weave through the unconscious. 

The paintings then just come themselves, fluid and free, sometimes urgent and frenetic but always describing the emotion. The whole process has been mesmerising, creative and freeing. It has become a vehicle for that dialogue to be heard and felt.

Some of her paintings are currently hanging in:

Lansdowne Place, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow

Caffreys Gallery, Garden Street, Ballina, Co. Mayo

Ardmore Pottery & Gallery, Ardmore, Co. Waterford

Myrtle Restaurant, Chelsea, London  (Anna Haugh from TV Masterchef)